November 2020 – Mid-Month

Holistic Horsekeeping
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In This Issue:

  1. Horse Temperament: What do you want your horse to be?
  2. Horse Harmony/Horse Temperament Resources


1. Horse Temperament: What do you want your horse to be?

When I first started working with horses I did not know the difference between a loyal soldier and a willing partner? The more I worked with horses the more I realized each had their own individual needs and desires. My mule, Tess, was very willing to teach me what she needed from me. I found out I wanted a horse to work with me not for me. Temperament typing has helped me understand how to relate to my horses and help others do the same with theirs.

Loyal Soldier

  • Human picks horse for job
  • Feeding program is designed around convenience
  • Management program fits the human
  • Horse is expected to perform
  • Human sets the agenda for training
  • Horse is a possession
  • Horse obeys human
  • Horse is punished for “bad” behavior
  • Horse is dominated

Willing Partner

  • Horse matches human and enjoys work
  • Feeding program is matched to the individual needs of the horse based on temperament
  • Management is matched to the individual needs of the horse based on his temperament
  • Horse is taught skills so he can do his job well
  • Human matches training session to needs of the horse based on his temperament
  • Horse is a friend
  • Horse trusts and respects human
  • Reason for “bad” behavior is found and addressed
  • Horse is honored

I wish I had understood more about temperament typing when I was working with my past horse matches. It took a couple of tough mules who refused to be loyal soldiers to teach me that willing partnership was possible and so much better for me and the horse. If you want to learn more about temperament typing to achieve a willing partnership with your horse, consider taking the Temperament Typing Online Course.

2. Horse Harmony/Horse Temperament Resources

Have you read Horse Harmony: Understanding Types and Temperaments and Horse Harmony: A Feeding Guide? If you are new to the temperament typing system developed by Madalyn Ward, DVM, then this is an excellent place to start. You can find both in paperback and digital Kindle formats on Amazon by clicking the links above on the book titles. You can see a preview of Horse Harmony HERE to see what it’s all about. Then surf over to and you’ll find plenty of other temperament typing resources including help in typing your horse from one of our specially trained temperament consultants, an overview of each type, an online class on temperament typing, balancing formulas by type and more.

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