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Do you ever wonder if your DNA can change as you get exposed to new things? My virtual assistant, Stephanie, has always handled my social media chores but lately I have been learning how to do more things myself. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!

I have now personally tweeted several times and, heaven forbid, I have a facebook page. Not only that, but I have posted and pinged my own blogs. I have gone to online photo sites such as flicker to find the perfect pictures. I have inserted pictures and attributed credit when needed. I have grabbed other people’s blogs and posted them on mine.

The amazing thing is I have had fun doing all these things. Something has shifted in my DNA and I am able to think in short snippets of information. I can tell if I like someone by looking at 2 sentences of a tweet. It is weird.

Part of learning anything new is asking for and accepting feedback. Please give me comments about what you like or don’t like and what you would like more of. Madalyn


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This blog provides information based on my unique take on horse health and well being. The articles are based on experience of treating and working with horses for over 40 years. In most cases the articles are focused on an holistic approach to health and management. When conventional medicine offers good research or therapy, I share this information as well. Madalyn Ward, DVM

3 thoughts on “My Mind all a Twitter

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  2. Nancy Reed

    I am dellghted to read your rich content I am retweeting some of it. Somewhere along the line, I found that we share a common faith in Jesus Christ. A couple of years ago I bought a sweet mare who is mismatched with me, and your horse temperment insights are helping. I have tried to meet her needs for leadership, but paying a trainer is not as good as matching temperments. Mare and I are both sensitive, spooky (timid). I have found a bold, calm rider to lease her, and I am borrowing an earth horse to babysit me. I feel calm and bold when riding this gentle giant. It is hard to watch my beautiful mare with a women whom I would like to be more like (bold) I have tried to step up to that for 3 years. ….. One day at a time.

  3. Madalyn Ward, DVM Post author

    I am so impressed that your cared enough for your mare to not let your ego interfere with her being ridden by someone she could feel safe with. Believe me, your Earth horse is undoubtedly relieved to be with you and not someone who want him to work hard and compete. Build your confidence with your Earth horse and maybe someday you will be comfortable with your mare. No rush. Madalyn
    PS Jesus is cool!

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