May 2018 – Mid Month Update

May 2018 – Mid Month Update

Holistic Horsekeeping
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In This Issue:
1. Upset on the Farm
2. Find Your Own Horse Harmony


1. Upset on the Farm
Things have not been the same at our farm since Cerise was put down a few weeks ago. I did not realize what a stabilizing influence she was on our 2 younger horses. Martini, a Shao Yin(Fire/Water) mare, has only been with us for about a month and we have had Tanq, a Tai Yin(Earth/Metal) gelding, for several years. They are both reacting to the recent stress as would be expected for their types.

I have to say I was so focused on Cerise in her last days that I was not thinking clearly about how our other horses would be affected. I did not give either one of the horses the balance formulas. I noticed they were a little unsettled but thought they would be fine. I left to work in Texas and when I returned I could see that both horses were still upset. Martini has loose manure, a sure sign of stress in a Shao Yin horse. She was also very spooky and overly sensitive to sounds. These are exactly the issues that could have been avoided if I had given her the Fire and Water balance formulas. Now I will be working to fix the issues that could have been avoided.

Tanq seems fine but because I know him well I can tell he is upset. He is much more pushy than normal. He is acting out by not wanting to be caught, which he only does when he is wanting to make a statement. Tai Yin horses are very relationship oriented and they don’t like change. Cerise being gone has obviously rocked his world. The Earth Formula could have really helped him through this stress.

Now that I am back from Texas we will be able to spend the extra time with the horses. They are on their formulas now and I have given Martini a homeopathic remedy. I am also giving her some Ration Plus to help her gut bacteria rebalance. I know they will both be fine but I wish I had acted more proactively. I am so blessed to have temperament typing to help understand what stress looks like and how to address it in the way that is the best match for each horse.

2. Find Your Own Horse Harmony
If you haven’t discovered temperament typing and discovering your horse’s 5 element type, there’s no time like the present. You can dive into the subject a little or a lot. Here are some of the resources to help you.

Horse Harmony book
Horse Harmony: A Feeding Guide book 
Online Course
Horse Harmony Consultants
Horse Temperament website

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