Horse Ulcers: Inexpensive Natural Options to Gastroguard

I hate seeing people walk out of a veterinary clinic carrying $1,000 worth of Gastroguard to treat their horse’s ulcer.


Not that this and other similar products were not lifesavers before we learned to use natural options instead … but these days I prefer to use natural herbs and supplements if possible to not only cope with horse ulcer symptoms, but to promote healing as well. The good news is that most of these natural options are much less expensive to us.

The last couple of months I’ve published some articles on the different types of horse ulcers, their causes, and natural ways to treat each kind of ulcers.

These are all natural approaches that I have found to work effectively on various kinds of horses in my veterinary practice.

Products that work well include:

Aloe vera juice
Slippery elm bark
Green clay
– Stomach soother papaya enzymes
Blue-green algae
Pre- and pro-biotics

Of course, you don’t want to throw this entire arsenal at your horse to treat his ulcer. Not every supplement works on every ulcer. To find out which natural options will work best for your horse’s ulcer, check out the articles from this series below. You can also buy all of these natural ulcer treatment products in our one-stop online store.

Horse Ulcers: Not the Same for Every Horse
Horse Ulcers: Holistic Treatments for Each Type of Ulcer
Natural Ulcer Relief for Horses Part I
Natural Ulcer Relief for Horses Part II

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