Capitalism – the right way!

I love capitalism and the free market system. I have a huge entrepreneurial spirit which keeps me constantly searching for better ways to do things and reach more people. Nowhere is the capitalistic, free market system more in evidence than in network marketing.

Sometimes people associate network marketing with get rich quick schemes and high earners flaunting big cars and houses but in reality 9 out of 10 successful network marketers do this part time, earning residual monthly incomes ranging from $300 to $5000. These numbers represent the huge middle class of network marketing which would the the equivalent of small business owners in traditional business.

Contrary to what we often hear, capitalism is not about greed or selfish pursuit of power. Capitalism is about empowering individuals to create and provide things which others want and to be compensated for this service. While there may be some who abuse the system for the most part money in the hands of individuals who are honest and live with integrity is good for everyone. Network marketing is all about capitalism done the right way.

A recent article in Networking Times quotes Paul Devlin about network marketing thriving in the free market. Paul has this vision for the future of the industry.

“Network marketing companies will thrive as long as the owners and management aren’t greedy but focus on what’s best for he customers and the distributors.

“We will see companies that don’t take this approach fall away. The ones that do will prosper. That’s the free market at work. Network marketing truly is a winning proposition when done right. The customers win because the products are cutting edge and aren’t available anywhere else. The members win because they’re getting access to a business they can operate from their home, and they can build a huge residual income. The companies win because they have less marketing risks and they have no accounts receivable. It’s a cash business. They get the revenue first and then pay the commissions.

“When you consider the ‘pursuit of happiness’ our founders had in mind in the Declaration of Independence, I can’t think of a better vehicle for realizing that aim than a business that produces residual income. It frees up you time, allows you to have the cash flow you need, and then frees you up to do the things you really want to do.”

The network marketing opportunity is available to anyone who wants to work. It allows anyone to participate in the free market system. It is an example of capitalism at its best. Madalyn

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