Horse temperament: What your horse does when you don’t pay attention

Are you able to stay focused when you are around your horse? I have a terrible time with this. I have learned to remain present when I am around people but when I go to the pasture my mind chatter takes over.

God has been pointing out to me lately the need to quite my mind and as usual my horses are stepping up show me where I need improvement. You see, people may suspect lack of attention but they don’t actually hear the mind chatter. Horses do and they react to it.

Here is what this looks like in each horse temperament:

Fire – The Fire horse temperament gets insulted if you don’t give them your full attention. They will avoid you if possible and if they have to be around someone with lots of mind chatter they will act disgusted. Disgust in a Fire horse includes sighing often and turning their head away from you.

Earth – The Earth horse temperament will use your lack of attention to take every opportunity possible to sneak snacks if you are riding or leading them. If you are leading them don’t be surprised if you get stepped on if you are not paying attention to where their feet are.

Metal – The Metal horse temperament does not care much how focused you are as long as you do not interfere with their work. If your lack of attention causes a mistake the Metal horse will likely retaliate with annoyed behavior such as a buck.

Water – The Water horse temperament depends on you for safety so when you are not paying attention this horse will become afraid. This results in shying or bolting.

Wood – The Wood horse temperament loves it when you lose focus. This offers the opportunity for misbehavior of all varieties. The Wood horse lives for this moment. Don’t give it to him.

So there you have it. Mind chatter keeps us out of our heart place where we need to be around our horses. It comes to me that God also listens to this chatter when we should be listening to Him. Madalyn

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