Do You Let God Dance Through You?

Have you ever wanted to be good at something but the harder you worked at it the worse you got? That’s me about dancing. I want to dance and I feel the music inside me but my body simply does not cooperate. I don’t have a great sense of rhythm and I don’t follow worth a darn. Not too mention that after multiple horse wrecks there are just some ways my body does not move any more.

So I was talking to God one day and mentioned that I wanted Him to help me dance better. After a bit of a pause He came back with a simple request. Why don’t you let me dance through you. God is so polite! In other words, get my human self, with all of its limitations, out of the way.

This is not the first time God has suggested I get out of the way. When I have become frustrated with my riding, God has often asked me to relax and let His energy flow with my horse. When I get stuck with writing, He steps in with His perfect message. Yet, I continue to attempt to do things from my power. What is with that?

It is interesting that in some areas I have no problem turning things over to God. When I work on horses I am able to get out of the way pretty easily. I can also follow my heart about who I do business with and what kinds of friends I hang out with. Of course these areas are the ones where I have the most joy. I see the connection and yet I still strive to do things on my own. I am a work in progress and thank heavens I have such a patient teacher.

How about you? Do you let God work in some areas of you life but not others? Look at where your joy is and I bet that is where you let God in the most. Where you struggle is where you take over. Bummer, but it is true. Madalyn

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