Deadliest catch

I love to watch the show called deadliest catch. It is on the discovery channel and follows Alaskan crab fisherman through a season of fishing. The conditions these men work in are amazing and they are just as amazing in their toughness. This is not some made for TV reality show but the recording of the actual events and the show does an great job of catching the personalities of these real people. 


Over the memorial day weekend there was a 3 day marathon of deadliest catch and I watched many of the episodes. I was feeling a bit guilty about spending that much time in front of a television but this morning when I did my prayer time with God he had some things to say about the show. Here are a few of the comments I got.

On deadliest catch you see people taking huge risks for the possibility of huge rewards.

You see people standing up for what they believe and consequences for people who don’t pull their weight. 

Crab fisherman are like old time cowboys, they live by my code whether they believe in me or not. 

It is no accident that I chose many fisherman to be my disciples.

Crab fisherman help those in real need but do not enable those who are in their position due to bad choices. 

My favorite ship is the Northwestern and I love captain Sig. He has such confidence in his fishing skills and never loses faith even when he is not catching crab. He is very quiet but strong. He does not talk about his faith but you get the feeling it is deep. He supports his crew but demands that they work hard. In all the episodes I never heard him blame anyone or anything for his lack of success. 


It is rare for a fishing season to go by without at least 1 death and many times entire ships are lost. I am also impressed with the coast guard rescuers who risk their lives to save the fisherman. This show raises my belief in the good in people when they are asked to step up and do something of value. You can tell these men believe in themselves and live lives that are grounded in values and a hard work ethic. Madalyn

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