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Internet MLM: Do Desperate Times Really Call for Desperate Measures?

Guest post by Stephanie When I look at my email inbox, it’s so filled with internet MLM garbage that sometimes I just feel like flushing the whole thing down the virtual toilet. How many times can anyone read subject lines like these without going nuts? “No Sweat Internet MLM Recruiting” “Secrets of Massive Online MLM … Continue Reading »

How Are Adult Diapers Like MLM?

How Are Adult Diapers Like MLM? Guest post, Stephanie I recently snapped a picture of the adult diaper aisle from a local store in my town. I took this picture because, as I stood there and watched several women dart in and grab diapers with some hesitation, I realized that there was a link between … Continue Reading »

Never bash another person’s company

  First of all it is just plain rude to put down another person’s business. I do not have a problem with making legitimate comparisons with your company and another but I got off the phone yesterday hopping mad after my company, product and founders were attacked by a distributor from Tahitian Noni. The sad … Continue Reading »

New people in your network marketing business not working? Maybe they don’t know how to start.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone in network marketing is to get people to take those first steps. I have heard the analogy many times of how starting your network marketing business is like a plane taking off. It takes a lot of effort to get off the ground but once you are in … Continue Reading »

Does Owning a McDonalds Franchise Make You a Hamburger Salesman?

Many times when I talk to new potential business partners for my network marketing business I get the response that they don’t want to sell. I ask them, “Does owning a McDonalds franchise make you a hamburger salesman?” I think not. Even if people know you own McDonalds franchises they are not likely to come … Continue Reading »