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I was introduced to network marketing in 1993 by my close friend, Leta Worthington. Leta knew the number of hours I was working each week in my veterinary practice and she also knew I was not getting ahead financially. At first I had zero interest and thought she simply wanted me to sell products for her in my office. I was not interested in adding any new products but I offered to let her put her product on my shelves and a few of my clients bought it and paid her directly.

The product was blue green algae and to my amazement the few clients who tried it on their animals were very happy and came back for more. In the meantime, Leta had given me a few cassette tapes on the business side of network marketing. I was intrigued by the concept of leveraging my time by finding customers who also found customers. I believed in the product because of what I had seen with the animals so I signed up as a distributor.

I soon became an expert on the entire blue green algae product line and also learned enough about the physiology of the body that was affected by the products that I was able to coach my customers on other aspects of their health as well. I built a network of many first level customers and a few customers who also built some first level people but I never really saw the leverage that I had heard about on the cassette tape. Some of the company training meeting touched on the business side of things but for the most part the company focused on the products. Because the blue green algae products are so good I was able to maintain a pretty strong group of people who ordered each month and added customers on a monthly basis.

The extra income from my blue green algae group helped me make some good real estate investments and over time I was able to cut back my practice hours and spend more time on education in the holistic medicine arena. Eventually my income from the network marketing leveled out and I could not seem to get the duplication to take me to true financial freedom. I wanted to have even more time to spend with my own horses.

I came to understand that I was running my network marketing business from a small business, self employed model. If I was not there to find and educate every customer I brought in my group gradually decreased due to attrition. Luckily, I was able to leverage my own ability to reach and educate people through my website but still without others duplicating my actions my income did not increase and I still needed to be actively involved with daily coaching with my customers.

I sought out some cross line friends from the blue green algae company and found they were working with another company that had a different business training model. This company offered a nutritional juice that had good antioxidant properties but the product did not require much explanation or personal coaching with people so energy could be focused on teaching people about building networks of customers. In other words, the emphasis was not on product knowledge and training but on business and financial education. Right away I could see how this was what I was really looking for and was a big business approach that would not require as much of my time and energy.

Working with a duplicatable system of inviting potential business partners to look at business materials and talk with my business partners to have their questions answered is a new approach for me and not without a learning curve. My business background is much less extensive than my health background so I depend very much on my partners and the their expertise. I am blessed to have upline partners who willingly share their knowledge and time because they understand that what they teach me I will teach my people. The product line and commission payment plans with this company are straight forward and weekly large group training calls leverage the time I have to spend personally working with people. This is the big business model I have been looking for which allows me to focus on a small group of business partners rather than bringing in large numbers of customers personally.

I am grateful to have both companies and both models of business working for me in my life. Not only do I have my health from using each of my company’s products but also a lifestyle that allows me to spend time with my horses and people I enjoy. Madalyn

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