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On the plane traveling to Equine Affaire I read a fascinating book entitled The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer. I have read other books by this author such as The Next Trillion and The Wellness Revolution. I had bought his new book last year at the Xango convention but had not found time to read it. 


I was listening to our new Xango prospecting webinar last week and my hero, John David Mann, was speaking. I had not realized John had assisted Paul Zane Pilzer in writing The Next Millionaires. As soon as I learned this I grabbed the book off the shelf and loaded it in my travel bag. 


It was really fun to read the book and recognize what part was coming from Paul Zane Pilzer and what was coming from John David Mann. I am so familiar with both of them and what a wonderful pair to team up together. I was struck by the overall positive tone of the book. Paul Zane Pilzer is a brilliant economist and John David Mann is a great business man and philosopher. Even though the book did not predict the current recession I agree with the premise of the book that entrepreneurism is the way to be successful in our current economic cycle. 


The book points out the survivors in changing economic times are those open to  innovation and willing to embrace change. It points out that in the bible Abraham was an example of the first major entrepreneur. Instead to using up the resources in one area and moving on he learned to stay in one place and cultivate the land to provide what was needed. By providing for his own needs he did not need to take by force from others. Paul Zane Pilzer writes that “Modern Entrepreneurs are those people who believe in the capacity to create their own wealth, instead of scavenging for it or fighting and killing each other for it.” 


Paul Zane Pilzer feels that our wealth is only limited by how many other people we are willing to trade with and the more partners we have in trade the fewer enemies we will have. This sure makes sense to me. He feels that terrorists have the opposite desire. They want to prevent the world from coming together and they don’t want any positive change to occur, ever! 


Paul Zane Pilzer has an interesting take on unemployment. He feels high unemployment is a sign an economy is evolving. He points out that in historic times major shifts in consciousness are preceded by high levels of unemployment. These times force people to learn new skills and new ways of doing business. The world is always evolving and those who adapt succeed and those who resist the change suffer. He points out that the pain of change is often prolonged by the government that attempts to fight the obvious need for innovation rather than embrace it. He feels that the economy only starts moving again when displaced workers become productive again and new products and services emerge that expand peoples lifestyles. 


The last half of the book talks about the trends that will drive the next generation of millionaires. Paul Zane Pilzer and John David Mann both believe that the wellness industry and the vehicle of network marketing will drive the emerging economy. More people will want to control their own health and lifestyles. People will depend more on working on their own and in supportive teams that depending on employers or the government for assistance. By developing their own skills and leveraging their time people will be able to control their income and balance their personal lives. 


The Next Millionaires is not a how to get rich book it is a how to live right book. It is easy to read and gives a wonderful overview of what is ahead and how bright the future will be for those who take control of their own destiny. Both of these men walk their talk and live by their own advice. These are the kind of people we all need to be listening to. Madalyn

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