Which Vaccinations Should You Give Your Horse?

I can’t say this strongly enough: It is critical that the status of your horse’s immune system and the risk of his exposure to diseases be carefully evaluated before any vaccines are given! To decide how to tailor your vaccination program to your horse’s needs, ask yourself the questions below:

How old is your horse?
How healthy is your horse?
What diseases are present in your area?
Where and how is your horse stabled?
What activities do you and your horse participate in?
How fearful are you that your horse will get sick or die if you do not vaccinate?
Are you willing to change your management, if necessary, to prevent disease and support your horse’s immune system?

Once you answer these questions, you can work with your veterinarian to create a vaccination program that works for you and your horse.  Hopefully your veterinarian will be educated in or open to your holistic approach.  In addition to his professional input, it is also important for you to educate yourself about the common equine diseases so you can take an active and empowered role in the final decision.

Not every horse needs every vaccination. In fact, many horses need few to no vaccinations, depending on the state of their health. For a hands-on practical holistic guide to vaccinating your horse, check out the Vaccination Ebook.

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