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I have been following the news about health care and also talking to many different people. I have seen parts of what is in the actual bill in congress and heard many experts debate the pros and cons. You know what. I don’t care! I don’t know who is responsible for the current problems but I do know what I can do for myself.

I have a high deductible, catastrophic health care policy and this works perfectly for me because I keep my focus on health. I can hear people saying, sure that is fine for you because you are already healthy. Well, 15 years ago I was not healthy and it is possible to become healthy even if you are not now. I see this all the time with my horse patients.

People come to me with very sick horses and we work together to get them healthy using diet and natural products that work with the horse’s own body. My clients are proactive in learning about holistic medicine and what is available for them to use in bringing their horses back to health.

This is not easy and it takes a large amount of time and energy to invest in gaining knowledge about what real health looks like. It takes some trial and error and some willingness to endure symptoms as the healing process is happening. The reward for this effort is freedom from reliance on drugs and conventional medicine except in severe cases of injury or illness.

More good news is that conventional medicine shines when it comes to diagnostics for severe illness and emergency care for injury. If only people with these conditions were entering the conventional health care system our resources could be concentrated where they are most effective.

I think it is important to pay close attention to what is happening in Washington and hold our representatives responsible for their votes in our behalf but it is equally important that we do our part to not be part of the burden on a dysfunctional system that does not focus on empowering the individual to be healthy. Get your horses healthy, get yourself healthy and be an example for others. Madalyn

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This blog provides information based on my unique take on horse health and well being. The articles are based on experience of treating and working with horses for over 40 years. In most cases the articles are focused on an holistic approach to health and management. When conventional medicine offers good research or therapy, I share this information as well. Madalyn Ward, DVM

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