Unemployed? Congratulations and welcome to the age of enlightened entrepreneurism

I have been following al the job report numbers and I can’t help but think people are missing the bigger picture. Not everyone is supposed to have a job! I say the increasing number of unemployed is a good thing and an indicator that we are shifting into a new paradigm. We are moving out of the industrial age and into an age dominated by entrepreneurs.

Why anyone would want to work at a job and be solely dependant on a salary is hard for me to understand anyway. Yes, there are tasks that need to be done and there will always be people who will do them but is a job, even a good one, really all you ever want from life?

Would you not rather work 18 hours a day for yourself than 8 for someone else? At least you can pick the hours you work and who you work with. No boss telling you when you should start to work or take a lunch break. What if you are not feeling creative at the hours you are supposed to be creating? What if you are sick? What if you can’t stand the person in the cubicle next to you?

And what do you have to show at the end of the day for your efforts? A paycheck? How has that been working lately? Costs are going up practically every minute and when did you last get a big, fat raise? You are probably still paying the same amount or more to commute as you did a year ago and more than likely you are doing your job and the one of a least one coworker who was laid off.

Now don’t get me wrong, this situation is not the fault of your employer, the economy or the government. If any of the above statements ring true for you a shift in your thinking is what is needed. Start thinking like an entrepreneur. You don’t have to quit your job but start thinking about what you want to build in your life. What level of income do you want and what makes you happy.

The paradigm shift is away from manufacturing and big business and to individual entrepreneurism. I think I just created that word or at least my spell check thinks I did. So the shift is from the occasional individual entrepreneur like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to a whole age of enlightened entrepreneurism where lots of regular people like you and me say we no longer accept the limitations of trading time for money in a job or even as a professional. We may continue to have those sources of income but we also have other income from our own businesses we create on our own time and in our own way.

The enlightened part comes from the fact that as more entrepreneurs have money that was limited before that wealth will be shared with others who are less fortunate and be a force for major good things in the world. I believe if you have developed your values and character you will be a good steward of your fortune and a powerful motivator of positive change.

So to become an entrepreneur you can go out and invent something, like a renewable source of clean energy, but if that seems a bit daunting then consider network marketing. A good network marketing company already has the infrastructure and systems in place to develop yourself as an entrepreneur. Luckily not everyone will chose this path so we will always have employee minded people to get some things done. But what about all those who are unemployed or who would rather not be employed? I say they are the beginning of a new age and a huge paradigm shift to enlightened entrepreneurism. There is that new word again. Madalyn

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