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Wow! It has been a while since I have posted because I have been super busy. I also have about 200 emails that need some attention. Since my last post I have closed on the construction loan and I now have electricity and will have water today. The carpenters started yesterday on the apartment and they cut out for the windows. I decided I wanted 3 more windows so I had to talk it over with my contractor, Harvey. I told Harvey I was on a very tight budget and now I have to beg for additions. I really want one more window so I am going to get up my courage and ask for it. Because we are building out the inside of a barn the windows have to be specially ordered and they are expensive. I am so appreciative to have such a caring contractor because I have gone over budget on previous projects and ended up with big home depot credit card bills. I would rather spend extra money on these windows and wait on things like cabinets. 

My septic man, Trey, is coming out today to start and he is going to use his backhoe to do some trenches for the water and electric lines. Trey did my last septic project for me in Travis county and he swore he would never do another there. We had to do a special system because the ground did not perk and then the county would not pass the system as long as we had any water in the hole where the tank was. Well, guess what, it rained constantly and surprise, surprise, water was in the hole. We had to pump out the water and then turn off the pump for the septic inspector. The problem was the inspector did not always come the day he said he would and the hole would fill back up. This pumping and filling process went on for weeks until we finally got the inspector to come at the right time. I think Trey may have paid someone off but I can’t prove this:). Once the hole was approved then the ground was too wet to fill the hole in. Trey was such a good sport about the whole thing I was glad to offer him another project- in a different county. Luckily this system is very straight forward because as Trey says my ground is perfect for perking-Yeh!

My fence is coming along great and I only have a few holes left to dig. No hole intimidates me at this point. I can dig through rock, clay, black dirt, sandy loam or caliche. Sometimes I get all of these in the same hole. There is something about getting to know your own land this intimately that is very satisfying. I do not feel this way, however about driving T posts. I am happy to say these are all done and my cousin did the last 20 or so and I so appreciate this. Sonny is also helping me set all the posts and we have about 15 left, then we put in the H braces, stretch the wire and set the gates. Most of the hardest and time consuming work is done. I am still wanting to do the entrance in pipe but it has been a challenge to get someone out for my small project, especially now that the temperature is staying in the upper 90s and the humidity is high. Not good fencing weather. The person who was originally going to cut and set the pipe posts dropped the pipe off on my property and I have not been able to reach him since. I think, Ron, my trusty barn mover and jack of all trades, is going to help me get the pipe posts in. 

I have put in a request with PEC to bring me more chips and I will use these to build up around the barn and horse pens. I am planning to have a chip moving day where I feed anyone willing to help spread chips so let me know if you want to participate. The good news is the area where the chips need to be spread is in the shade. Madalyn

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