The passing of 2 greats in the horse world

Last month the horse community lost Ray Hunt and this month Sally Swift. Ray came from the western world and Sally from the english world yet so much of what they taught was about balance. Balance, which helps you with timing, allows you to move in harmony with your horse rather than against him. 


Ray Hunt has a book out called Harmony with Horses in which he emphasizes the need to be one with your horse when you ride. A few of his quotes include:


The right feel and timing bring you the balance.

Your arms and legs are working in rhythm with his feet and legs.

You are with him every stride.

You’ve got to be one mind and one body. 


Sally Swift’s book Centered Riding is a classic for correct riding regardless of what discipline you do with your horse. One of her proteges, Wendy Murdoch, has had a huge influence on my riding. Wendy’s book, Simplify Your Riding, is a wealth of information on proper position and the dynamics behind it. Wendy has a great interview with Sally Swift on her website. It is certainly worth looking at. 


I believe both Ray and Sally can literally “rest in peace” knowing that they have many qualified students who are dedicated to taking their message forward. Horses all over the world have benefitted from these two icons and although they will be missed personally their legacies will be felt far into the future. Madalyn

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