Teenage chicks


My 4 chicks have made it so far but it has been a challenge. I have a fox that is determined to eat all my chickens and hawks that circle constantly. The fox actually made it into the yard because I did not have the lower clasp tight. When the hens started squawking I ran out one door and Morry ran out the other. We thought we had the fox trapped in the pen but it managed to squeeze out under the cattle panel. I am sure she lost some hide.


This morning the fox was back but I was ready for her this time. I borrowed my neighbor’s 22 rifle and I shot right at her feet. She jumped straight up and took off running. Much more respect than what I got with my rock throwing. Today I went to Walmart and bought a pellet gun. I know the fox is raising babies but I am not willing to run a deli for her.


Morry and I worked on covering the sides and top of the yard with chicken wire and I let the chicks out with the hens. They were so excited.  The pen is not perfect but it should keep the hawks out. One of the hens has taken to mothering the chicks because the one that set on them had had enough. I still have that little game hen but she flies out over the top of the chicken house so I don’t know how long she will make it.


I got some pictures of the chicks but my camera battery was failing so they are not the best.


Never a dull moment on the the farm. Madalyn

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