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August 2021 – Mid Month Update

Holistic HorsekeepingHow to have a healthy happy horse. When to Use Balance Formulas It is not surprising that people have some misunderstanding about using the Balance formulas. After all, most supplements are designed to benefit all types of horses and to be fed continuously. The Five Element Balance formulas are designed to support the individual … Continue Reading »

How to Handle the Angry or Naughty Horse

Does your horse seem to wake up on the wrong side of the pasture often, or have a short fuse? Does he seem quick to anger? Or is he always acting naughty by destroying fences, pestering his herd mates, bucking you off, or spooking even when he is not afraid? If so, then you probably … Continue Reading »

Horse Personality Types: Why Bad Horses Happen to Good People

The number of truly “bad” horses in the world is probably pretty tiny. On the other hand the number of bad matches between horses and humans is probably fairly large. Here are three recent examples I have witnessed of a horse personality clashing with a human one, leading to very bad results. The Reiner A … Continue Reading »