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Horse Ulcers: If Tests Are Negative but Your Horse Still Hurts

What do you do if your equine friend tests negative for horse ulcers but continues to have problems? Well, he might still have horse ulcers … the tests just may not be able to detect the ulcers. Like the term “colic,” the term “horse ulcer” covers a wide variety of issues related to the gut.  … Continue Reading »

Horse Ulcers: Nutrition for Horses Who Have Had Ulcers in the Past

Horse health care is one thing. Caring for a horse who has a history of ulcers is something else altogether. Owners of horses who have had ulcers in the past are super-sensitive to any signs of possible new ulcers forming, whether it be a horse leaving his feed or experiencing a mild colic. These owners … Continue Reading »

Horse Ulcers: The Four Types

These days most horse owners are clued-up enough to know that horse ulcers exist, as well as treatments. Some horse owners may even know some of the symptoms related to horse ulcers, including weight loss, colic, lack of appetite, pawing, and poor performance. But that’s about as much as many people know about horse ulcers … Continue Reading »