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Is Your Horse a Greyhound?

If your horse was a dog, would she be a Greyhound? If sensitivity, noble looks, a deep need for safety, and gorgeous movement characterize your horse, she might very well be a Greyhound … and a Water temperament type horse. Check out our latest video about the Water horse temperament type (a.k.a. the Greyhound) on … Continue Reading »

How Different Horse Types and Temperaments Cope with Stress

Part of determining which Five Element horse temperaments are best for certain disciplines involves determining each types ability to handle pressure and stress. Selecting a horse temperament with low coping skills for a high pressure career will likely result in having a horse with many health issues even if the horse is able to perform. … Continue Reading »

The Difference Between Horse Temperament vs. Horse Personality

I am sometimes asked the difference between horse temperament and horse personality. In many cases a horse’s temperament and personality are basically the same so it is not wrong to use the terms interchangeably but in some cases they can be very different. The temperament is what the horse is born with and this is … Continue Reading »