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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Holistic Horsekeeping Newsletter, July 2022, Volume 27, Number 7 Dr. Madalyn Ward – How to have a healthy happy horse How Damage Occurs Conventional western veterinarians are now recognizing and treating equine ulcers more frequently. With increased awareness of this syndrome, more horses are routinely being given antacids and acid blocking drugs. These medications may … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: What are adhesions?

As an osteopath I am very concerned about adhesions and the negative effects they have on the horse. I spend much of my time releasing adhesions so thought it would be good to explore exactly what they are and why they are so bad. An adhesion is an area of connective tissue that is not … Continue Reading »

Transitioning from conventional horse care to holistic horse care

Moving from conventional horse care to holistic horse care is a process. It requires, first a shift in belief systems from medicine healing the horse to the horse healing himself. If a horse has been given drugs all of his life then his body is less able to mount a healing response on its own. … Continue Reading »