Snake killing

I had my first encounter with a rattlesnake since moving to Fischer. I have seen several other non poisonous snakes but no rattlers until yesterday. I was walking out to check the horse water about noon and there he was in the path right next to my hay barn.

I really am afraid of snakes and I turned and headed straight back to the house. I sat down and tried to relax. As I was sitting the voice of the Holy Spirit came to me and said ” You know you have to kill the rattlesnake”. I tried to argue that it was not a big snake and did not seem to be bothering anyone. Again the Holy Spirit ” It is a rattlesnake and it is around your barn and your animals”.

“OK” I said “but you have to help me”. The Holy Spirit “I will be with you”. I found my shovel and headed back to the hay barn. I was of course hoping there would be no sign of the snake but there he was right in the path. As I approached he started heading for a pile of lumber. I took two swipes at him but missed both times. Now I had to move lumber to find him.

After moving several pieces of wood I found the snake coiled up and I chopped at him and missed again. How can you miss a coiled up snake with a shovel??? My next chop as the shovel descended I found myself saying aloud ” Lord help me”. Perfect hit that cut the snake in about 4 pieces. I chopped a few more time just to be safe and probably to release some adrenalin.

As I was walking back to the house the Holy Spirit said ” thank you for letting me help you”. My response was ” I could not have done it on my own but why did I miss the first 3 times?” The Holy Spirit “because you did not ask for help until the fourth blow”. Me “but you sent me out to kill the snake I assumed you would help me and I did not know I needed to ask”. The Holy Spirit ” you always need to ask every step of the way in all your endeavors hard or easy”.

This is such a pattern for me to seek guidance and then strike off on my own and not ask for help. Who would have thought it would take a rattlesnake to remind me to let God provide for me through his grace rather than through my efforts. Do you have things in your life you are trying to do on your own without asking for God to help you? Think about it. Madalyn

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