Right Horse + Right Human = The Dream Match!

If you put the right horse together with the right human, even the wildest dreams can come true. Grand Prix jumper courses can be navigated with amazing skill. Roping can be accomplished in the blink of an eye. Dressage can become a form of art in motion.

By the same token, when you put the wrong horse and human combination together you can end up with disaster. Grand Prix jumper courses can look like bumper cars. Dressage tests become battles of will rather than examples of horse harmony. And roping? Forget ever catching horns or heels!

So how does a horse lover achieve his or her wildest dreams with horses rather than ending up with disaster?

By choosing the right temperament type.

Horse Harmony: What is Your Perfect Temperament Type Horse?
I’ve been writing about Horse Harmony for quite a few years now because it is such an important concept. When a horse is well-matched with his person in terms of temperament type, both parties are happy and healthy. When there is a mismatch of temperament type, I see all kinds of health issues in both horse and human. Not only that, but these health problems usually are not resolved until a new match is found.

The concept of Horse Harmony is all about finding the perfect horse for you, the horse lover, so that you can do whatever it is you want to do with your horse … and love it! It’s also about having your horse enjoy doing his or her job.

Sometimes the perfect match happens between horse and human, often with the help of skilled trainers. Other times, though, mismatches occur. So what do you do then?

You check out our Horse Harmony Swap Page, of course.

The Horse Harmony Swap Page – Truth in Advertising
I created the Swap Page as a place where people who are mismatched with their current horses could list their horses honestly and forthrightly! The easygoing woman who wants a gentle horse to partner her on trail rides does not need a Wood horse. Yet she may find herself with a competitive, strong-minded Wood horse – a definite mismatch.

Luckily, she can list her Wood horse on the Horse Harmony swap page without needing to mask any of his behavioral or temperament traits. She can say that he loves being at the head of the line, is bossy in pasture, and is difficult for her to handle. The people who visit our Swap Page understand that these are not negative attributes, but are instead “normal” behavior patterns for a Wood horse. Many a professional horse trainer actually enjoys the Wood horse temperament.

Is that truth in advertising or what? I think it’s high time we had more of that in horse sales and placement, and less of what I call “horse trading”!

At the same time, the woman can state that she is looking to trade her Wood horse for a gentle Shao Yin or Earth horse. Chances are good that a competitive performance horse rider with an Earth horse will be happy to swap with her. Do you see where I am going with this?

To learn more, check out our Swap Page at the link below. Also, read on to find out about all the horses who have found their perfect human matches! Advertising rates on the Swap Page are reasonable, and our aim is to help more horse lovers like you realize their wildest dreams!

Swap Page: http://www.horseharmony.com/swap

Horse Harmony Swap Page Success Stories

I am so encouraged and pleased by the number of horses who have found their perfect human matches with help from our Swap Page. Here are just a few short stories to show you how this process works.

This tough little Metal mustang mare was, at age 5, already an experienced trail horse. She had also pushed cattle and been started as a heel horse for roping. However, her lady owner had to move out of town so Reyacita had to find a new home. Unfortunately, Reyacita’s small size (14 hands) tended to attract petite lady riders of the novice variety who wanted to “love her to death.” Being a Metal horse, Reyacita HATED being loved and petted to death. She just wanted a job, so she crow-hopped for every petite lovey-dovey lady who came to see her. Then along came Joe, an outfitter and guide who needed a pack horse and lead ranch horse. He immediately understood the Metal horse temperament as it manifested itself in a mustang. Bingo! A match made in heaven. Reyacita immediately stepped up and presented herself.  Joe has had his first ride on Reyacita on the ranch … perfection!

This little dynamo Quarter Horse gelding was speedy, cowy, and had a foundation in reining. He had been started as a heel horse and had the speed and skills to do the job, but being a Shao Yin, needed a lot more support than his rider could give. He was, in fact, too “high caliber” a horse for his rider, who was only a beginner roper. Luckily, some experienced ropers recognized Walker’s potential, as well as the mismatch between Walker and his rider. Walker is now in training with a professional rodeo heeler and loving every minute of his job! Meanwhile, his previous owner is looking for an older, stable “babysitter” heel horse to take care of her while she learns to heel.

This old-style Poco Bueno Quarter Horse mare had been a broodmare for several years (roaming free on large acreage) and had not been ridden during that time. She seemed calm enough and was adopted by a woman seeking a gentle trail horse for guests. Unfortunately, although Lopeh appeared calm, she was in actuality a tough Metal horse who needed a job and some firm handling. She did not settle in well at her new adoptive home, was clearly bored so harassed her herd mates, and she also showed signs that she might buck under saddle, which her new person, being a bit older, would not be able to ride. Her person quickly typed Lopeh and decided that Lopeh needed more training … and possibly a new home. Lopeh went into training for a few weeks and was eventually donated by her owner to The New Mexico Wild Horse Project to be used as a work horse. She will be ridden hard by a young woman/horse trainer who loves the Poco Bueno line, checking on the Mustang herds and fence lines. This is what Lopeh was cut out and bred for and wonderful results are expected from the match!

Are You Ready for Horse Harmony?
Hopefully these stories have sparked your attention if you, or someone you know, is currently mismatched with a horse. Wonders do happen … as does Horse Harmony. If you are looking for a new match or looking to sell, swap, place, or put up for adoption your current horse, check out our Horse Harmony Swap Page. You will find a variety of horses there, from gentle trail companions to horses who love games to high-caliber performance horses … all seeking the perfect human partner!

Swap Page: http://www.horseharmony.com/swap


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