New Year’s Resolution: Do You and Your Horse Have One?

Are you busy making New Year’s resolutions for you and your horse? Are you hoping to go more places, win more prizes, or have more fun with your horse?

More importantly, is there something that has held you and your horse back from your dreams and aspirations? Some of the barriers that I see in my practice that hold horse-human teams from achieving their dreams include:

>>> Health issues such as ulcers, joint problems, burnout, metabolic challenges, or poor hooves.

>>> Mental or Emotional issues that stem from previous trauma or doing an occupation that is a poor fit for the horse’s temperament type.

That One Big “Thing”
If your horse has been plagued by that one big “thing” that keeps you, as a team, from achieving your dreams, maybe now is the right time to look for a true and permanent solution. Perhaps you have been palliating the symptoms or coping with the situation as well as can be expected, but wouldn’t it be nice to really tackle and conquer the problem once and for all?

That’s why the December issue of this ezine is a compendium of resources to help you learn about the one big thing standing in the way of your horse dreams, and hopefully get you and your horse on the road to success!

Health Issues
There are too many health issues to list them all here, but we have gathered newsletter articles on the most common health issues that horses have. Hopefully you will find helpful information for your horse in this list.

For performance horses
Different types of ulcers
Treatments for different ulcers
Natural ulcer relief part I
Natural ulcer relief part II
Care for horses who have had ulcers in the past
Preventing ulcers after antibiotics

Spasmodic and gas colic
Impaction colic
Avoiding colic in dry weather

Laminitis and Metabolic Issues
Chronic laminitis
Holistic approach to laminitis
Insulin resistance in performance horses
Managing laminitis in spring
Safer grasses
Laminitis case studies
Cushing’s, insulin-resistance, and laminitis ebook

Joint and Hoof Issues
Joint health for young horses
Joint health for horses ages 6 and up
Joint health supplements
Joint care for older or injured horses
The equine hoof
Common hoof ailments
Holistic look at hoof flares

Burnout in horses
Burnout in horses and humans

Mental or Emotional Issues
Many horses can suffer from health issues that stem from mental or emotional imbalances. For instance, a horse who dislikes his occupation will likely suffer from emotional problems that can manifest as physical health issues. That’s why it is important to temperament type your horse and ensure that your horse is a good match for you and for his occupation. You can read more about temperament typing here:

Horse Harmony Book
Health issues and emotional problems
Introduction to horse temperament typing
Horse Harmony Facebook page

We have many more resources for holistic horsekeeping that will help you and your horse achieve your goals and dreams in the coming year. Check out our:

Article library
Online forum

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