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I have never been a regular coffee drinker until I started my move to Fischer. I needed something to help keep me going with all the challenges of the move. I never understood why people bought fancy coffee machines that you program the night before. I get it now. I can’t tell you how many cups of coffee I ruined in my bleary eyed morning stupor. Let me just list a few examples of how many ways you can mess up making a cup of coffee. If you have others please pitch in.

1. the obvious top is forgetting to actually put the coffee in – hot water only
2. put unground beans in – very weak coffee
3. put grounds in without a filter – very gritty coffee
4. forget to put in water – damaged coffee pot
5. forget to replace pot under spout – big mess
6. manage to get your coffee safely into a cup and then pour pineapple juice into it instead of milk – undrinkable cup of coffee, have to start over and move milk and juice containers to different shelves
Now that I am moved I have cut back my coffee to a few days a week as I no longer need the artificial stimulation but I always hate to lose a skill it has taken me so long to master:). Madalyn

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