Is Your Horse More Like a Dog in a Horse Suit?

Some horses are just way more affectionate, kind, and gentle than others. Their love overflows and they tend to act more like dogs than horses. What kind of horses are these? They aren’t a specific breed but they are a specific horse personality type.

The horse in a dog suit is an Earth horse personality type.

The Earth Horse: The Perfect Kid’s Horse

There is no horse who loves attention, affection, and love more than the Earth horse. While other horse personality types are more competitive, more ambitious, and far showier, the Earth horse is the most lovable dependable horse around. Sounds kind of like a golden retriever, doesn’t he?

There are two things the Earth horse loves more than anything else in the world: food and attention.

These two characteristics make the Earth horse the perfect children’s horse. He will stand all day to be groomed, not because he wants to look good, but because he craves the attention. Throw some food into the equation and the Earth horse is your kid’s best friend for life.

Other characteristics that make the Earth horse a good kid’s horse include his:

– steady disposition
– desire to be a good caretaker
– tolerance of all kinds of mistakes from children and beginner riders
– appreciation of even small bits of praise
– laziness, which tends to rule out bucking or running off

So if you are looking for a good kid’s horse, the Earth horse is one of your best bets. Other horse personality types that make solid children’s horses are Shao Yin and Yang Ming types.

Get the scoop on these types and all the other horse personality types in the Horse Harmony system by accessing the resources below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Horse More Like a Dog in a Horse Suit?

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  2. Suzanne Moore

    Yep, this is my horse! My husband even calls him Fido. He is a 12 year old Morgan gelding named VS Golden Desperado aka Indy. I’ve had him since he was coming 4.

    He was still a stallion when I found him, but was handled regularly by the children of his breeder. He was started under saddle the year before at a clinic, in mixed company, and no one guessed he was still entire. Unfortunately, I also have a mare that I did NOT want to breed, and I don’t think my fences would be quite enough for a stallion. So I did have him gelded.

    He’s a total sweetie-pie.

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