Immune Health and Omicron

By Guest Author: Barbara Swanson
T-cells: Protection Against Omicron
Are you all as tired as I am of all things Covid?
We have been fighting this virus for 2 years. I am personally OVER anything other than solid, proven helpful ways I can personally support my health.
A new study suggests that our own immune cells–specifically, our T cells– may be more effective than even antibodies, against the Omicron variant. Read about T cells & Omicron

Support Your T-Cells Add in immune-support foods. 
Dietary choices can help support your T cells.
Eat foods rich in amino acids, which are building blocks of T (and all) immune cells).
Eat lots of fresh produce.The vitamins (such as C and beta carotene) and other phytonutrients (like pigments) are essential for T cell production and activity.
Eat foods rich in folic acid and B6.

Protect Yourself with immune-boosting supplements. 
AFA algae: A rich source of all B vitamins, beta carotene, every single amino acid and proven to specifically enhance immune health and function.
Mushroom beta-glucans: Over 40 years of science confirms the immune-enhancing benefits of beta glucans.
Probiotics, especially DDS-1 acidophilus. Probiotics are essential for healthy immune functions.

In Summary
Viruses are a normal part of nature.
Pandemics happen when a virus proves to be especially dangerous. Viruses continually mutate-it is how they survive our immune systems upgrades. Therefore, an especially dangerous virus can cause health issues for extended periods of time-as we are currently experiencing. 
Luckily, Omicron-the new mutation-appears to be, in general, less dangerous than earlier versions of COVID. It is much more communicable, however.
Eat well.
Stay safe.
And eventually, a new ‘normal’–hopefully, one that is much more enjoyable–will arrive.
In light, Barbara Swanson

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