House cleaning

Now that I am moved in I am determined to keep my house clean. Not an easy task with all the animals and dust. Anyone who has horses knows activities concerning them tend to generate larger than average amounts of dirt. After struggling with sweeping and regular vacuuming which seemed to just move the dirt around I brought out my shop vac. Now I am making some headway. I have a favorite attachment that I can get under furniture and into corners. I have been known to use it on countertops and tables on occasion.

The biggest challenge is the aggressiveness and I have to be careful to not suck up cat toys or small rugs along with the animal hair, wood chips, fire ashes, and small rocks. The good news is the dirt you have after a good cleaning is worthy of the compost pile.

After vacuuming I can throw water on the stained concrete floor and vacuum it up. No more mopping leaving streaks all over the place. Now if I could just figure out a way to have my shop vac do toilets:). Madalyn

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