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Did you know you can get a custom fitting for a bra? Evidently, if you watch Oprah you know this kind of thing but it was news to me. Bras have always been a huge aggravation in my life. Straps are either too tight or fall off the shoulders constantly. Not to mention that strangulating elastic that makes every deep breath an effort.

Imagine my excitement to find there is such a person as a bra specialist. Well, I trotted right over to the Perky Peacock in New Braunfels for my fitting. I know some of you are laughing but I had no idea you needed so many different types of bras.

Types of bras:

T shirt bra
Convertible strapless bra
Leisure or sleep bra
Body shaper
Sports bra in your actual size, not S, M, L

With just a few simple questions the professional bra fitter had me fixed up and I am so pleased with the comfort of my new bras. There is nothing special about the bras sold at the Perky Peacock but the women there know and trust the brands they carry. They have experience with which brands will be the best fit for a woman’s body type, lifestyle and budget. These women have taken the time to develop expertise about their products.

This experience got me to thinking that if I did not know I could get a custom bra fit others may not realize they can get a custom nutritional consult. Distributors for nutritional companies spend countless hours becoming educated about their company’s products and they want to use this knowledge to help their customers have the best possible results.

Nutritional consults do not need to be any big deal. Just a few simple questions about your health goals, lifestyle and budget can help an educated nutritional product distributor make the best suggestions for you. Taking this step could end up saving you lots of money, time and aggravation in the long run. Here’s to comfort and health. Madalyn

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