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Humans are a big mess right now. Whatever you call your higher power it seems He or She has put the whole world into time out so we can contemplate our behavior. This time of global crisis is a wake up call for humans to make changes.

I recently took a 10 week mindfulness course around racial relations. I was the only baby boomer in the group. As the other members went deep into their feelings I kept wondering what all this expressing of emotion was doing to fix the issues. It was gently explained to me that denial is a strong baby boomer trait. The 2 wonderful women leading the group had patience with me and late in the process I finally heard what was being said. To fix any problem outside of yourself you must clear all suppressed issues inside of you.

These women specialize in healing generational family patterns so they helped me get in touch with messages from my ancestors. This may sound crazy but it was powerful healing for me. I realized that I had been shut down on many levels since the church that had helped me understand I could have a personal relationship with Jesus rejected me when I entered into a relationship with my current wife.

When doing a guided meditation I was able to access memories of past lives involving religious persecution. I don’t share this to make any comment on religion but the heaviness that was cleared from my body was powerful. As I looked back around the time this incident happened I noticed how I became silent on many issues that were important to me. For instance, I was regularly posting blogs where I shared my thoughts about God and personal experiences. I had a whole section devoted to these messages and I just stopped doing them. My personal journal entries also became less frequent and more superficial starting around this time.

By recognizing and releasing my held in anger I feel I am helping to shift anger in human consciousness. You see the evidence of these suppressed emotions every day. They are like pockets of magma building into volcanic eruptions. We are getting pressured to change. Fires, floods, plague and don’t forget the murder hornets. We have to stop resisting this opportunity. If each of us can search inside of ourselves and clear our hearts then we can help clean up the mess humans are in now.

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