Horseman’s Wealth: Change Your Money Story

Madalyn on horse

Did you know that each of us has a money story that constantly runs in the subconscious level of our mind? This money story was probably established very early in life and it won’t change unless we find it and consciously change it.

If your money story is not serving you don’t think you are alone. Did you know that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck? 60% of Americans don’t have more than $1000 in savings. 47% don’t have over $400. This is sad in a nation that has created so much wealth for some.

I believe a large reason for many having a less than stellar money story is due to lack of education around money. Yes I know learning about how money works is not as fun as spending it but if you learn about money you will have much more of it to spend.

There are so many myths around money. Some examples include:

  • You must work hard and suffer to make money
  • Money is complicated
  • There is a limited supply of money
  • You have to have money to make money
  • Saving money is the only way to build wealth

These are only a few of the money myths that may be forming your money story. The middle class is failing in this country not because the rich are bad but because the rich have an understanding of how money works and a different money story. If you are in the middle class your best option is to move up and out of the middle class and to do this you will need a financial education and your own new money story.

Learning about money doesn’t have to be hard and boring. I learned a lot about money by playing a board game called CashFlow. It is like a real life version of Monopoly. Changing your money story is a personal job and journey. It takes work but the reward is worth it. You can start dreaming again and look forward to a limitless future. There is no shortage of money. Money is energy. Money is everywhere and waiting to be channeled where it is wanted and appreciated.

If you would like to learn more about money and change your money story you can join me and a few of my friends on a zoom call on Thursday nights. We are starting a group discussion on this subject and we will continue as long as there is interest. We will make it fun. Let me know if you want to join us by emailing

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