Horseman’s Health: Natural Solutions to Bloating

Madalyn on horseBloating is that uncomfortable, full feeling in your stomach that happens when you are not digesting properly. Sometimes bloating occurs right after eating and then goes away and other times it can be a constant discomfort. Bloating makes it harder to breath and move and your clothes that normally fit seem too tight. It is not pleasant.

Bloating Caused By Stress
There are many nutritional and functional causes of bloating, but one that is often overlooked is your lifestyle. Bloating is a sign that your digestive tract is not working properly and this may be because you are under too much stress. You see, for your gut to work properly it needs you to relax. Your gut needs to find a “happy place” to get all of its systems working in sequence.

Think of your digestive tract as a drive through car wash. First you go in and get the soap applied, then you go through the brushes that scrub the car all over, then you drive forward for a nice rinse off and then forward again for the blowers to dry up the excess water. You go to one stage and stop with the red light, then when the light turns green you go to the next step and so on.

The car wash process does not work so well if you drive straight through at 20 miles an hour. This is kind of what happens when you are stressed and you never relax to let your digestive tract do its thing in an orderly way. If, instead of sitting down and relaxing for a meal and for a while after, you rush back to what you were doing, your stomach will think it has to rush too and dump food into your small intestine much too soon. This partially digested food then dumps into your large intestine where the process is more fermentation than digestion. What this means is way more gas is formed than should be. Many times instead of passing through the rest of the digestive tract the extra gas gets trapped in the colon causing bloating.

Natural Solutions to Bloating
To help your digestive tract function at its best you will want to take some time to relax before and after eating. Try to get enough sleep, and eat smaller more frequent meals. Sometimes your body can get stuck in a stress pattern. Herbs, such as chamomile tea can help your body relax. Some forms of micro and macro algae have a relaxing effect on the body. Chlorella, spirulina and sea macro algae like dulse will soothe your digestive tract and help feed your healthy bacteria.

To avoid bloating caused by stress:

  • Take time to relax before and after eating
  • Get more rest, ideally 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • Take supplements that encourage your body to relax

Bloating is unpleasant and it is warning sign that all is not well with your digestion. Relax and let your gut have the time it needs to do its job.

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