Horseman’s Health: Natural Solutions: 7 Ways to Say Goodbye to Allergies

Allergies can range from seasonal allergies resulting from sources such as pollen, trees, plants, grass and weeds to ongoing allergies from other environmental sources like dust and dander to food allergies. What they all have in common however is the release of histamine from immune cells causing itching, swelling and a lot of mucous.

An allergic response is the body’s way of reacting to the ingestion of substances such as pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites. The body reacts by producing histamine, which is a chemical responsible for the production of watery mucous attempting to wash away the irritating pollens. Anti-histamines block this natural response of the body. People who suffer from persistent allergic reactions either have deficiencies in digestive and metabolic enzymes or not enough histamine production or histamine not strong enough.

Healthy Immune System For Allergy Relief
There’s no denying we live in a world full of toxic substances in our air, water, medications, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and foods. Fighting off these toxins puts a strain on the immune system. A stronger immune system is always a good thing. The most natural way to fight off allergies is to keep your immune system healthy and in good working order. Toxins have a negative effect on the good bacteria in our intestines leading to an overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria. This imbalance of good and bad bacteria creates an unhealthy digestive tract and an out of balance immune system.

Deficiencies in vital nutrients also adds to the problem. Vitamin D, omega 3 and omega 6 are among these. These are important to maintaining a healthy immune system that is able to fight off allergens and we don’t get enough of these from the diets we typically eat.

Natural Solutions to Allergy Relief
There are natural solutions that can support the relief of allergic reactions and immune system function. Here are a few that can be helpful in saying good bye to allergies.

The histamine production centers in our bodies are controlled by our internal hydrologic cycles. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day and even more during allergy seasons.
Stress can add to the production of free radicals in the body which leads to cell damage. Reducing stress can help keep free radical production to a level that the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes can neutralize them before they cause damage. Developing a meditation program is just one way to reduce stress.
The less pollutants, pesticides and preservatives we come into contact with, the better for the body. Using natural cleaning solutions, natural cosmetics, and eating fresh organic foods can help cut down on exposure to toxic substances.
Enzymes break down the irritating shell that surrounds each pollen molecule. This prevents your body from going into a histamine overdrive. Take 2 with each meal and 2 between meals. If you are enzyme deficient you may need more to restore your enzyme bank.
Wheat sprouts are powerful antioxidants that help your body cope with all the extra pollen in the air (as well as free radicals increased by environmental pollutants and stress) moving it through your system without a lot of allergy symptoms. Take 2 three times a day.
When you’re gut is functioning properly, everything else works smoothly. Probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus help keep your gut in healthy, working order, which is the basis of total immune health. Take 2 acidophilus in the morning and 2 bifidus at night.
Detoxification can be used to remove impurities and eliminate toxins from the blood in the liver, through the kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin. There are many natural cleansing and detoxification methods you can get pre-packaged from your local health food store or can find on the internet to make yourself at home.

A balanced immune system, proper nutrients and supplements, and detoxifying can go a long way to freeing you from allergies.


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