Horseman’s Health: Montezuma’s Revenge: Avoiding the Symptoms

Montezuma’s revenge. If you have ever suffered from this condition then you know that it can really wreck your vacation. The “bottom line” of this condition is diarrhea … sometimes very violent diarrhea. Originally named by travelers to Mexican or South American countries, Montezuma’s revenge is also known colloquially as the runs, the trots, or the squits.

No matter where you are traveling, you might end up with diarrhea because your digestive system isn’t used to the local food or water. In fact, some people even up with Montezuma’s revenge when traveling in their own country! Most commonly, the symptoms are caused by bacteria, usually E. coli.

Montezuma’s Revenge: Avoiding the Symptoms
If you want to have a vacation free of digestive upset, there are some very simply steps you can take to prevent the symptoms. And if you do end up with Montezuma’s, you can still salvage your vacation with some additional remedies.

To prevent the symptoms of Montezuma’s revenge, try these two simple techniques:

1. Ume Plum Tar: This “tar” is one the most alkaline substances in the world and prevents bacteria like E. coli from flourishing in your gut. Be sure to get the “tar” form of this substance, not the ume plum paste. The tar is dark, very sticky, and very sour. The paste, on the the other hand, is light purple in color and much less sticky. Only the tar works to prevent Montezuma’s revenge (the paste isn’t strong enough). The tar comes with a small spoon. Take a spoonful per day, being sure to put the spoon as far back in your mouth as you can get it, since the tar can stain your teeth. The tar is also helps travelers avoid jet lag, making it a very useful travel substance. Good health food stores carry this product, which also comes in pills. If you can’t find it locally, order it online.

2. Avoid Local Water: This is a “Well, duh!” kind of tip, but you would be surprised how many people get Montezuma’s revenge from contact with the local water. You may think you are safe because you drink only bottled water, but you also have to consider ways in which you might come in contact with the local water. For instance, avoid brushing your teeth with the local water. Also, if you buy fruit, wash it with bottled water. Travelers have been known to get diarrhea from eating fruit washed in the local water.

Montezuma’s Revenge: What to Do If You Get It
If, despite your best efforts, you end up with Montezuma’s revenge, don’t panic. You can still salvage your vacation. Here’s what you can do:

1. Double or triple your daily dose of ume plum tar until your symptoms subside. This usually takes a day or two.

2. Take 5 to 10 capsules of Bifidus probiotics once or twice a day (with bottled water, of course!). Bifidus is the beneficial bacteria that lives in your large intestine, and has the action of removing water from the digestive system. Since diarrhea is the condition of having too much fluid in your bowels, Bifidus usually does a pretty good job of drying up your gut and relieving your symptoms.

Done in combination, these two techniques will have you back on your feet and enjoying your vacation in no time! Just remember to throw a bottle of Bifidus and a small jar of ume plum tar in your suitcase when you pack!


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