Horseman’s Health: Fat Fighters: 7 Ways to Fight Fat

Fat fighters … that’s what this blog is all about today, and it’s a topic that is hot on everyone’s mind. The holidays are over, New Year’s Resolutions have been made … and guess what? The most common resolution is to LOSE WEIGHT!

No big surprise there. Here is a big surprise: only 8% of people will be able to that resolution. But don’t worry. The tips in this article will help you keep your resolution to slim down and fight fat all year long. It’s simple if you break it down into itty-bitty little chunks. In fact, we give you 7 little knowledge nuggets about fighting fat that are, well, easy to digest!

Fight Fat Tip #1: Eat Fat Fighting Foods
Fat fighting foods? Yup, there are actually foods that you can eat that will help you fight fat. It doesn’t get much better than that! Most fat fighting foods are high in protein and fiber, low in carbohydrates. For instance, Greek yogurt is one of the best fat fighting foods because it is so high in protein. Protein stays in your stomach longer, so you feel full longer when you eat high-protein foods. Plus, your body burns more energy digesting protein than carbohydrates, making Greek yogurt (especially non-fat and sugar free varieties) a definite fat fighting food. For high-fiber foods, look at whole grains and fruits like grapefruit, which is low in calories and high in fiber. Eat these foods, feel full, and fight fat.

Fight Fat Tip #2: Take Enzymes with Meals
Do you know what happens when you eat fat but your body can’t digest it? It goes rancid and literally clogs up your intestines, leading to that unattractive muffin top or beer belly. While our bodies should produce enough digestive enzymes to process and fight fat (you need the specific enzyme called lipase to process fats), most of us are short on the necessary enzymes. As we age, our bodies decrease their production of digestive enzymes, which is why we tend to gain weight as we age. For instance, the average 70 year old produces only half the digestive enzymes as the average 20 year old! To fight fat and counteract this problem, take digestive enzymes with each meal. Be sure to take enzymes that contain a full variety to digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. My favorite fat fighting power enzyme is one which comes with extra cayenne for an extra digestive kick! I take 1-2 capsules per meal and have stayed slim throughout my life (plus I don’t suffer from any of those embarrassing signs of indigestion, like bad breath, heartburn, or gas).

Fight Fat Tip #3: Add Cinnamon
While cinnamon isn’t a specific fat fighting food, this additive does stabilize the body’s blood sugar, which can reduce cravings for food, especially sweet, salty, and oily foods. When you talk about fighting fat, these are definitely the types of food that you want to stay away from!

Fight Fat Tip #4: Spice Up Your Food
Are you a fan of hot chilis and other spicy foods? Then you are already on your way to fighting fat. Adding spicy foods like hot peppers gives your body an extra digestive kick (which is why I choose an enzyme supplement that has cayenne). The main ingredient in hot peppers that helps digestion is called capsaicin. Studies show that capsaicin tends to speed up your body’s metabolism for a short period of time and improve digestion. As an added bonus, people tend to eat less when the food is spicy. So go for the hot stuff and fight fat while you’re at it!

Fight Fat Tip #5: Take the Probiotic Acidophilus
Another simple way to fight fat and aid digestion is to add the probiotic (or beneficial bacteria) acidophilus into your daily regimen. This beneficial bacteria lives in your small intestine, and aids your body in digestion. Since fats are digested in the small intestine, having enough beneficial bacteria can really help with fat breakdown. Specifically, fats are broken down in the small intestine by bile from the liver and the digestive enzyme lipase. The acidophilus helps your small intestine keep everything moving smoothly, and helps the body distribute the resulting glycerol and fatty acids. Since the word “probiotic” literally means “for life,” this is definitely one of the simpler and better ways to fight fat and improve your overall health. When choosing a strain of acidophilus, be sure and pick one that can survive the acidity of the stomach and is certified live at the time of purchase.

Fight Fat Tip #6: The Caffeine Fix
Take this tip with a bit of caution. In the battle to fight fat, caffeine does actually have a very beneficial effect. The caffeine found in green tea or black coffee does boost your metabolism for a short period of time, and can help you lose weight. However, most people cancel out the effects of this benefit by ordering coffee with too many fatty additives, like cream and sugar. If you can’t stop ordering the mocha lattes, a better choice may be green tea. Studies show that green tea can often help the body burn abdominal fat and can stimulate the metabolism for a brief period of time. To get the most benefit out of green tea, drink several cups per day, hot.

Fight Fat Tip #7: Add Vinegar
Studies show that vinegar, a no-calorie substance, can aid the body in breaking down fats. While some old-time home remedies call for drinking apple cider vinegar straight on a daily basis, this can have adverse effects for people with certain health conditions. Instead, focus on using vinegar in salad dressings and other types of food flavorings. The good news is that vinegar is tasty by itself, so you don’t need to dress it up much. Use vinegar as a seasoning to fight fat, add taste to your food, and enjoy a no-calorie goodie!

Hopefully these 7 fat fighting tips will give you some ideas on how you can slim down and stay slim in the New Year. All of these tips are simple and easy to implement, even if you are the busiest person in the world. As an added bonus, most of these tips make your food taste better while helping you fight fat. Whoo-hoo!

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