Horse Training: All Whoa and No Go?

Does your horse get sticky feet when under stress? Does he buck or rear instead of moving forward? If so, then your horse probably has a Metal, Earth, or Wood personality.

Say what?!?

I’m talking about Five-Element personality typing, a system whereby you can type your horse’s personality and go a long way toward predicting his behavior under different circumstances. Once you figure out your horse’s personality type, you can understand not only how he will act under stress, but also what careers are a good fit, what kinds of horse feed are best for him, and how he likes to learn … plus a lot more!

Want to discover your horse’s Five-Element personality type for free? You can … online … and for free. Here are three steps to knowing your horse’s type.

Step 1: Take the Test
Visit the Horse Harmony Test and take the test. You can test your horse and yourself. If you don’t know how to answer a specific question on the test, leave it blank. Once you finish answering the question on the test, you’ll get the assessment right away. The test has just been updated so you might want to take the test, even if you have taken it in the past.

Step 2: Read the Short Horse Personality Summary
To get an overview of your horse’s personality type, visit the Horse Harmony site and check out the Resources. You’ll get a quick overview of your horse’s type, plus access to some additional resources.

Step 3: Dig Deep and Learn Lots
The overview will get you started, but once you discover your horse’s personality type there will be so much more you will want to learn. You’ll want to know the best feeding program, training regimen, career, and management program for your horse, plus much more. Get it all in the Horse Harmony book and Five Element/Six Temperament ebooks. You can access those here:

Horse Harmony Book
Horse Harmony (Five Element/Six Temperaments) Ebooks

You might also want to check out these other Five-Element horse personality goodies:

Chat About Five-Element Stuff

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