Horse temperament: Remi on the Texas Star trail ride

Remi, my Yang Ming horse temperament gelding, has finally decided his life here with me is OK. I have had Remi three and a half years and it has taken him this long to trust I am not going to mistreat him. Remi has a checkered past as a roping and barrel racing horse. Although, as a Yang Ming horse temperament, he is suited for these events, mentally he never got the support he needed.

The Earth part of Remi wants to please but the Metal aspect needs lots of consistent, patient, repetition to learn new things. When a Yang Ming horse temperament is rushed in his training process it is common for him to become overwhelmed. Remi came to me completely demoralized and with a low self esteem.

He simply had not been able to learn fast enough or perform consistently enough to satisfy his previous owners. I liked Remi from the first moment I saw him and knew he was a good horse. Several trainers I respect agreed. Remi did have a reputation for bucking, though, and that certainly concerned me.

I started working Remi from the ground and when he got upset he would break in half. At first I tried to calm him by talking softly to him but I soon realized as a Yang Ming horse temperament, he needed a firmer approach. I started speaking strongly, but not in anger,  to him when he got tense and convinced him I was in control. This worked much better than the comforting that would have been correct for a Fire or Water horse temperament.

Remi had not been ridden for weeks and he got a little on the muscle when the fifty plus riders first started out but a few firm words settled him right down. Once we got on the road I could feel Remi relax as he realized we were simple on a trail ride. As soon as he knew what his job was he was happy to do it. Remi has sure come into his own and I love seeing him so happy and secure. Madalyn

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