Horse Temperament: Punkin, the pony, comes to Fischer

I was wanting to keep this a secret but the news is leaking out, I have a new pony! I had been keeping my ears open for a fun horse to get that one of my church friends could ride. When I got the opportunity to get a welsh pony I jumped on it. From his picture I thought Punkin was an Earth horse temperament but once he arrived it was obvious he is a Wood/Fire JueYin.

My first hint of his true type came when Punkin’s owner, Michelle, called to say she was going to be late in delivering him. It seems he did not want to get in the trailer and when he finally did, he found his way out the escape door before she could get it closed.

Once Punkin did arrive he was pretty upset and scared. He led perfectly into his pen but catching him again was obviously not going to be easy. In true JueYin horse temperament form, Punkin can bolt from a standstill to 50 miles and hour in 1 jump. I decided that catching him could just wait until he settled in.

I called my friend, Kim and she started coming over to work with Punkin. At first we had to move Punkin around when he ran from us but he quickly figured out if he was still he got petted. Punkin loves to be petted. Our goal is to simply pet on him until he stops being so reactive to things around him. Right now his muscles are still tight and tense but after only a week of petting therapy he is relaxing nicely.

The first few days here Punkin did not eat very well. I added digestive product KLPP to his food to support is healthy gut bacteria. I gave him 4 bluegreen algae tablets without the cell wall  to help his mental focus and 2 Eleviv twice a day to help him get into a relaxed state. Within a few days his appetite picked up and he now meets me at the gate for meals.

I am so looking forward to riding Punkin. He has some amazing moves and his gaits look really smooth. No rush though. First we have to catch him. Madalyn

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