Horse Temperament: Progress with Punkin

My new Wood/Fire(Jue Yin) pony, Punkin, is coming along fantastic. After he was nervous about being ridden, Kim and I have been focusing on his groundwork. We have been getting him really soft about bending his head both ways and moving his hind end separate from his front end without bracing in his ribs.

Kim has been learning to do the ground exercises with Punkin and I am enjoying seeing someone besides me struggle with managing the tail of the rope. Kim is getting to where she can change the rope in her hands as needed to direct Punkin. Punkin is not easy because as a Jue Yin horse temperament he can get pushy but gets his feelings hurt easily if you over correct him.

Now that we have some better ground skills in place we are ready to go back to riding. I can tell he is getting bored and you never want a Jue Yin to get bored. Punkin loads easily in the trailer and has had his feet trimmed. He is ready to do something fun. Tomorrow we are taking Punkin to a local ranch horse versatility show just so he can see the action. Will let you know how it goes. Madalyn

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