Horse Temperament: Metal Horse Digestive Support

The weakness of the Metal horse temperament is his digestive tract, specifically the large intestine, and excessive dryness will damage this organ. Impaction colic in horses can be the result of dryness in the large intestine so monitoring water consumption is very important. Metal horses also have an extremely high pain tolerance, which can allow a mild impaction to advance to a severe problem before the horse exhibits much pain.

Most impaction and gas colic in horses occur in the large intestine, so supporting this organ with mucilaginous herbs such as fenugreek(1/2 tsp), slippery elm(2 TBS) or marshmallow(2 TBS) can combat dryness that slows fiber digestion and transit time. Fenugreek is a spice that acts to make mucous more slippery while also increasing its production in the digestive track. Mucus acts as a lubricant to move manure through the digestive track. Adequate mucus also traps bacteria and parasites, and moves them out of the system.

Fats also have a lubricating action on the digestive tract and the dry constitution of the Metal horse temperament can handle them well. Quality fats contained in unprocessed seeds such as pumpkin, flax, chia, and sunflower are beneficial.

When gas colic is a challenge for the Metal horse, pungent herbs such as fennel and ginger will stimulate digestion and decrease gas production by intestinal bacteria.  These extra enhanced enzymes contain digestive enzymes and these pungent herbs, so they make a perfect supplement for the Metal horse temperament suffering from excess gas.

Electrolytes should be added to the Metal horse’s food during dry weather when water consumption decreases or the manure starts to look dry. This simple precaution can be life saving for the Metal horse. Small amounts of salty herbs, such as kelp, Irish moss or commercial electrolytes should be given during dry weather or when the horse is sweating heavily.

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