Horse Temperament: Is your Metal horse bossy?

Patience is not a Metal horse trait. Once the Metal horse temperament learns a job he expects others to get out of the way and let him work. When faced with beginner or amateur rider he can be downright bossy.

The Metal horse learns by repetition and he does best in jobs that require consistent performance. What he does not have in looks or showiness he makes up for in steadiness. So, what can be done about his bossy streak?

First, focus on getting the Metal horse supple in his body and then his mind will follow. When the Metal horse is not happy he will brace in his shoulders and neck more than the other horse temperaments. Sidepass, leg yields, half pass, shoulder in and serpentines are all great exercises to get the Metal horse temperament softer.

Second, make sure you understand the task you are asking your Metal horse to do. If he senses confusion he will want even more to do things his way. Third, make sure any correction is firm and fair. The Metal horse temperament is not one of the more sensitive types so you need to correct with some energy but never any anger. It is not the intention of the Metal horse to misbehave, he just thinks he knows best what is right. Be ready to appreciate when your Metal horse follows your cues and reward him with a nice pat on the neck.

To summarize:

When you have a bossy Metal horse temperament:

Pick an occupation he that rewards consistency such as barrel racing, roping or hunter classes

Keep his body supple with lots of lateral exercises

Make sure you understand what you are cueing forĀ 

Correct with firmness and fairnessĀ 

Always show appreciation for obedience and good work

The Metal horse temperament is on of the most durable and consistent performers and when ridden well can be a true joy. Don’t expect the Metal horse to tolerate poor riding for long because his job is too important to him. Madalyn

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