Horse Temperament: Is your Jue Yin(Wood/Fire) horse pushy?

The Jue Yin horse temperament can be tricky to work with. He wants to be the boss but when he finds himself in control he gets worried. Kinda sounds like your average teenager. I worked last weekend with a Jue Yin mare named Pheobe. Pheobe had the habit of bucking on the trail if she could not be in the lead. You would think with this attitude that she would be a very confidant horse but Pheobe would also buck if she was in a round pen with other horses around. I suspect she wants to be in front of other horses because she is intimidated by them.

I used Pheobe in a short training demonstration and I wanted to help her with her pushy behavior in a gentle way. If you are too aggressive in correcting a pushy Jue Yin you will scare them. After a brief check of Pheobe’s basic groundwork skills I brought in my Yang Ming horse temperament, gelding to pony her. At first Pheobe wanted to take control and push on my horse but she backed off when a few sharp tugs on her lead rope.

Interestingly, Pheobe did not try to rush to the front when we started trotting but she did get pushy when we stopped. I decided to focus on helping her stop when my horse stopped rather than continuing to push forward. Each time she pushed ahead I would change direction and make her go the other way. It was pretty warm out and this little extra bit of work was not pleasing to her. At first Pheobe backed her ears and acted annoyed but after a few repetitions of the change of direction she started paying attention.

When she figured out to stop when my horse did I let her stay still and gave her lots of praise. She licked and chewed and then very politely stepped closer to my horse without pushing on him. I enjoyed seeing how confidant she was to be close to my horse and how relaxed she was without being pushy. Pheobe is a well trained horse but her owner was not enjoying the bucking fits. I hope this little bit of work will help Pheobe next time she gets around other horses. Madalyn

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