Horse Temperament: Giving up or giving in on a bad horse owner match

I had a conversation with a horse trainer yesterday about horse owner matches. This trainer was commenting that she never gives up on a horse but instead keeps working to find out what the horse needs. Knowing this trainer I am sure this is true and she has a strong set of skills to work with many any horse temperament. But what about the rest of us?

I also worked hard to find out what my Wood Mule, Jake, needed but in the end I did not have the skills or lifestyle to meet his needs. I was able to find a good match for him with a mule trainer. This trainer loves Jake and his idea of a trail ride is to go to town 20 miles one way. He also uses Jake for packing and driving. Jake is never bored and loves his new life.

Another story of a bad horse owner match that worked out with correct placement is the story of a Metal horse temperament. Lopeh started out being passed over by everyone because of her cranky herd habits but in the right setting she is a star. You can read her story at Herbs and Animals. Lopeh was one of the initial horses listed on our swap site.

Those who know me well are quite familiar with my stubborn streak but I have come to realize that giving up on a horse is quite different than giving in. Accepting when your skills or time restraints a not a match for a certain horse temperament allows you to feel good about finding a better home for that horse. You are not giving up on yourself or the horse but allowing each of you the opportunity to be the best you can be. Madalyn

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