Is Your Horse A Poodle?

We had tons of fun interacting with people about the “IsĀ  Your Horse a Labrador” video. If you missed it, check it out on our new interactive page:

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The Labrador video was about the fun-loving and food-loving Earth horse temperament type. The goal of the video was to help people understand horse temperament types by comparing them with popular dog breeds.

We have continued this popular concept with the new video, “Is Your Horse a Poodle?” Most of you can probably guess which horse temperament type we model in this video. Whether or not you know, check it out on the Horse Harmony You Tube Channel by clicking the video picture below.

f you can’t see the video above, click the link below:

Is Your Horse a Poodle?

As always, give me a shout out with your opinion. I love to hear from people about their horses, horse temperament types, and other horse-related topics! For more live interaction and Q&A, post to the Horse Harmony Facebook Fan Page mentioned above!

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