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January 2015

Make a New Year’s Resolution with Holistic Horsekeeping

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Volume 20, Number 1


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Make a New Year’s Resolution with Holistic Horsekeeping


Make a New Year’s Resolution with Holistic Horsekeeping
Madalyn on horseHappy New Year to all! This year I encourage you to make education about holistic horse care a priority for you and your equine friends. Many of us remember the “good old days” when all we had to feed a horse was oats and hay and about the only diseases we associated with diet were colic and laminitis. That is no longer the case however as we have a whole alphabet of nutrition related horse illnesses such as PSSM, IR, HYPP, ECD, and OCD. Ten years into my conventional veterinary career I was tired, frustrated and burned out. I just could not seem to provide my horse patients the health I wanted for them. My search led me to caring for horses through a holistic approach and this year I am offering the opportunity for others to benefit from my experience through a 6 month educational mentoring program. For many years now we have offered a variety of information on holistic horse care on our website, blog, and social media sites. We will continue presenting these resources in 2015, but are also adding the educational mentoring program for those who want to take learning to the next level. This program offers 3 different topics to choose from in a mentoring format:

  • Homeopathy Mentoring Course – Beyond Arnica
  • Horse Nutrition Mentoring Course – Using foods to heal
  • Horse Temperament Mentoring Course – Know your horse

If you are ready to make a New Year’s resolution to expand your equine knowledge in one of these three areas, you can see full details of these programs at www.holistichorsekeeping.com/mentoring.

We also will continue to offer the natural horse health products that we consider to be the best and use with our own horses as well as educational products such as downloadable ebooks, homestudy course and audios. Here are links to some of the most popular resources that we offer:

Holistic Horsekeeping website

Our Blog

Online Store

The Horse Health Hotline Forum (join and post questions about your horse and have them answered!)

Article Library

Test Your Holistic Horse Care Knowledge

Recommended Reading

Books, Ebooks, DVDs

Horse Harmony website

Horse Harmony Test for you and your horse

Videos on Horse Temperament Typing (fun videos comparing the types to dogs)

Horse Swap

Tallgrass Online Course – Understanding Horse Types and Temperaments

Much Love and Wishes for a joyous new year,
Madalyn Ward and the Holistic Horsekeeping Crew!

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