Holistic Horse Health: Equine symptoms that persist

Why can’t there just be a pill to cure all those stubborn equine symptoms. We would pay any amount of money for something easy to make our horses well! But it is not so easy.

You see those stubborn equine symptoms are not just simple conditions. They are the result of a process that has been developing over an extended period of time. This is one reason it is so important not to ignore mild equine symptoms even if they don’t seem to bother your horse.

Here are some examples of mild equine symptoms that you should pay attention to:

Runny eyes
Poor hoof quality
Dull or long curly hair
Runny nose
Brittle mane and tail hair
Small wounds that don’t heal
Scars that crack open in dry weather

All these equine symptoms have one thing in common. They respond to improved nutrition. You horse may be getting enough to eat but not the right things to meet his health needs. Equine symptoms that persist are simply telling you that you need a better feeding plan.

Here is a quick checklist to evaluate your feeding program:

Is your horse getting at least 1.5% of his body weight is food every day? Even if he is too fat he needs to get enough actual food or he can develop more serious health symptoms such as insulin resistance. If your horse stays fat on little food read my Laminitis, Insulin Resistance and Cushings ebook to see if he fits the IR profile.

Is your horse’s feed good quality? Cheap feed will set your horse up for poor health.

Is your horse digesting his feed? Even with good feed and hay for horses, some horses don’t digest well. Supplements for horses, such as the packets of algae, probiotics, and enzymes that support digestion and provide whole food vitamins and minerals,  will often clear many stubborn equine symptoms.

Is you horse getting all the feed you are giving him? Have you had a professional dentist check his teeth and have you checked fecal exams for worms?

Mild equine symptoms should clear with a good feeding program. More serious, stubborn symptoms have developed over time and will take time to heal. Good feeding programs must be in place along with any other treatments. Expect 1 week for every month that a symptom has been present for healing to occur. For example, if your horse has had laminitis symptoms for 8 months you will need to stick with an improved nutritional and management program for at least 8 weeks.

So don’t expect the miracle pill to work on persistent equine symptoms. Nutrition and time will be your best plan. Madalyn

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