Holistic Horse Care: Do You Channel Your Inner Clinician?

ridersDo you have voices in your head when you ride that remind you of lessons past? I do and I am so thankful for them. When I get focused on a task and forget about my horse I hear Linda Hoover saying “release, release”. When I give my horse an unclear signal I hear Tom Curtain saying “Now that was a piss, poor, presentation”. When I go to roll the hind I hear Buck Branamman say “Always use your leg first, then the rein”.

When I think about my riding posture I see the pictures provided by such experts as Peggy Fleming and Wendy Murdoch. I picture myself sitting a horse like Buck or Robert Duval. I am not saying I can do it but I have the picture in my mind.

When I do body work on a horse I feel the presence of my mentors such as Linda Tellington Jones saying “Less is always best”, Carol Bennet reminding me to “Stop when the horse is ready even if you only made one Bowen move”. I hear Mark Haverkos teaching me network chiropractic and saying “Always honor the animal”. I hear Janek Vluggan when doing osteopathy stressing “We are not trying to fix anything just give the body back its mobility”. I hear Richard Pitcairn teaching about homeopathy “It is not the remedy but the body’s response to the remedy”.

What a blessing to have access to all of these amazing teachers. Each one to them has a place in my heart and I am so grateful for all they have taught me. I am even more grateful when they find their way into my consciousness when I am working with horses. – Madalyn

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