Focus on the few

Thank heavens for the recession economy. Why do I say that? I say that because it is forcing more people to step back and reevaluate their choices in life. We have been living in a bubble economy for as long as I can remember. What I mean by bubble economy is the false belief system that the markets will always go up, there will always be plenty of people to buy what we sell, our bosses will take care of us as long as we show up everyday and we can spend every penny we earn and many times more than we earn because we want what we want and we deserve it.

Now the recession economy is here and our previous choices are catching up with us. The great news is there is a solution. The bad news is that it will take a change in behavior and belief systems. I often compare my experiences with introducing holistic thinking to my veterinary clients to introducing network marketing to my friends and lead prospects. Some get it and some don’t. The ones that get it are easy to work with and the ones that have no interest are easy to let go of. It is the in between group that is the challenge. These people like the concept but they don’t understand they need to change anything about their behavior or belief systems. For example, a person might hear what I say about vaccinations damaging the immune system so instead of cutting back on the number of vaccines they want to continue to give vaccines and then give a homeopathic remedy to “counteract” the bad effects.

Another example would be the person who hears me say that drugs have negative side effects and do not address the underlying imbalances and instead of working to cure the underlying imbalance the person chooses to give herbs instead of drugs to palliate symptoms. Again this is a slight change in behavior but no change at all in belief system. I quickly learned that this way of staying in both worlds does not serve anyone and certainly not the horse. After some very frustrating cases I learned I could not really help horses unless the owners embraced the belief system of the holistic approach.

So this brings me back to the recession economy. Many people look at what they have believed in for much of their lives and see that it is no longer working. Some get this and immediately see the power of network marketing and are ready to jump right in and be trained in this new system of working and thinking. Others have zero interest and these are easy to to let go their way. Again it is the middle group that is the challenge. Like the non committed group in holistic medicine these people see that what they are doing in not working in the recession economy and want the end result network marketing offers but they are not yet ready to change their behavior or belief systems.

I am once again finding out that it does not serve people to lead them to believe in any way that they can really get what network marketing offers without changing their day to day actions and embracing a new belief system. Believe me I have tried for years to soften the blow and make it work for people who are not 100% on board. What I have actually done with this approach has been to prolong the pain and frustration for all concerned. I have not insisted on people taking certain actions that I know work and I have not done enough to help shift their belief systems so the actions I recommend appear worth the extra effort. I have tried to help the many when I should have been keeping my focus on the few that believed or were ready to change.

Paul Zane Pilzer says in his book, The Next Millionaires, that those who survive the recession economy will be the ones who can adapt the fastest. I have come to realize that my job as a coach to those who look to me for guidance, is too lovingly help people face their discomfort rather than allowing them to live comfortably in a place that does not serve them long term. The big question is. Are you one of the many who wants to wait to see if everything will just go back to how it was before so you don’t have to change or are you one of the few who is ready to adapt now and be successful even in a recession economy? Madalyn

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