February 2016 – Mid Month Update

February 2016 – Mid Month Update

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In This Issue:
1. Horse Temperament: Is your horse’s job big enough?
2. Holistic Horsekeeping Consults


1. Horse Temperament: Is your horse’s job big enough?
Sasha-baby-goatSasha, our beautiful Great Pyrenees, went to a new home before we made our move to Colorado. Turns out we did not offer her a big enough job to match her temperament. I believe Sasha was a Jue Yin, like my late mule, Tess. Tess was a handful when she was young before I started to do natural horsemanship clinics with her. Tess thrived on learning all the new exercises associated with the clinics and she loved to travel and meet new friends.

Our property was just under 10 acres and we had goats, horses, cats and chickens but Sasha’s fenced area was only 3 acres and she was not actually in with any of the animals. She voiced her frustration by barking at the trucks if we moved them. Sasha also barked if any cars went down the road or the neighbor’s horses approached the fence. Sasha liked to come in the house but she also liked to know everything that was happening outside. We could tell she loved us but she was not content with her circumstances.

We consulted a trainer who had experience with the Pyrenees breed. She explained to us that some of them did well as pets when they were young but the older they got the more they wanted a job. Sahsa seemed to fit this category. It was a hard decision to let her go but we placed her with a friend who had 20 acres and a herd of goats. Sasha has thrived with the added territory and responsibility but she also enjoys going in the house and playing with the grandkids. As a Jue Yin the variety keeps her from being bored.

So you want to ask yourself, is your horse’s job big enough? Wood and Wood combo horse temperament types need big jobs to keep them out of trouble. Metal and Metal combos also like to work but are not as high energy as the Wood types. Fire and Fire/Water horses are not so much needing a job but they like lots of attention. Water/Fire horses like to stay busy but don’t require hard work. Straight Earth horses are happy to just hang out so they are the best type to get if you are not able to work your horse on a regular basis.

As horse caretakers it is just as important for us to provide our horses with the most fitting job as it is to give them good food and shelter. A horse that is not mentally and emotionally healthy is hard to keep physically healthy. Stable vices get started as a result of horses not having enough of a job or the right job. In Sasha’s case, the barking was an issue but in her new home they say she almost never barks. She has a big enough job to keep her occupied so she stays more balanced and content. We miss her a lot but are glad she is getting to be the dog she was meant to be. Can you say the same about your horse?

Find out more about Horse Temperament Types to keep your horse healthy and happy!

2. Holistic Horsekeeping Consults
At Holistic Horsekeeping we offer a variety of consults. You can work with one of our specially trained Typologists to determine your horse’s temperament type or consult with Dr. Ward on nutrition, laminitis, or homeopathic treatment for your horse. If you don’t have a holistic vet in your area (which many people don’t) then this may be a great alternative for you.  You’ll find all our consults on the Consults page in our Holistic Horsekeeping store.

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