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I just had the most amazing experience. I have been having problems with my AOL e mail shutting down every other e mail I attempt to reply to or forward. I did all the usual tricks like emptying my cache and cleaning up my desktop. None of this worked so I braced myself for the frustration of trying to find someone in customer service to help me.

I started with AOL and to my amazement I was able to get to a real person within a few minutes of prompting from the computer menu. The woman who helped me was fantastic. She talked me through re installing my AOL software and when she determined the problem was not with AOL she actually helped me re install my safari browser software. She waited patiently while I tried to send e mails and when I still got kicked off she suggested I contact AT&T.

With the information from the AOL service the AT&T tech was able to determine the problem was not with them either but instead of sending me packing he googled and found other people were having the same issues. This service person, Gerard, actually connected me to the Apple service department and explained the problem to them. Daniel Smith, at Apple helped me download Foxfire and my email worked perfectly with it. He sent me a case number so if I have more problems I can tell the new tech person what has been done.

I also had a very pleasant experience with a government employee a few weeks ago and super service when I ordered Remi’s hoof boots. Something is in the air and it is good! Madalyn

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  1. Leta

    Ha – good going! May I be so bold as to suggest that it may not just be “something in the air,” but something in you yourself and the energy you are putting out these days! Go Madalyn!

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